Windows 8

Windows 8

Click here to watch a video showing you how to enable the Cherokee language interface pack for Windows 8 (also works on 8.1).  

Microsoft’s latest version of Windows is now in Cherokee. It is a FREE download for all Windows 8 users.  For instructions on how to install a Language Interface Pack, please visit the link below.

For a direct download link to the Cherokee Language Interface Pack from Microsoft, please visit the link below.

Image of the Control Panel in Windows 8 showing the Cherokee interface

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows 8 in Cherokee:

1. Will it work on earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.?
The Cherokee Language Interface Pack is only available on Windows 8.

2. How much does it cost?
Microsoft and Cherokee Nation partnered to translate the Windows Operating System.  It is a FREE download to anyone who wishes to install it.

3. What exactly is a Language Interface Pack?
A Language Interface Pack is a way to display your computer operating system’s interface in another language.  They are available for languages all over the world, including the Cherokee syllabary.

4. Does this mean the entire computer is now in Cherokee?
No.  Windows 8 is the operating system that makes your PC run.  The main components of the PC will be in Cherokee such as the Control Panel, and menus in the explorer.  Also, many folders such as My Computer, My Documents, etc. will also be in Cherokee.  However, if you get on the internet using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, that will not be in Cherokee.  If you use other software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Audacity, etc., their interfaces will not be in Cherokee.  However, most of the basic menus in much of Windows 8 are in Cherokee, including things such as the Calendar, Notepad, and system settings menus.  

5. What if I don’t understand the words used?  
The Windows 8 project was one of the largest translation projects in modern history.  Thousands of new terms had to be invented by master Cherokee translators.  It is a learning process for most people, including many Cherokee speakers who may not be all that familiar with computers.  A User’s Guide is planned and will be available in the near future.  It will help people learn what the menus and buttons mean.